UPDATE: BMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag Crash, Spins in Mini Carousel

BMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag Crash 7 photos
BMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag CrashBMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag CrashBMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag CrashBMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag CrashBMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag CrashBMW M3 Ruined in Nurburgring Car Freitag Crash
The Nurburgring has only opened its gates for the 2018 season earlier this month, but the Green Hell has already claimed multiple machines, be they road vehicles or racecars. And the public session that took place on the track today was no exception, with this having seen a BMW M3 getting destroyed.
With the help of the piece of footage below, we can see the M3, an E46-generation machine, entering the Mini Carousel bend with confidence - the machine sports the CSL look, but this is, most likely, a standard M3 with CSL-like mods.

While entering the said bend isn't an issue, it's the exit that proves to be more difficult. And this Bimmer fell into the trap that gets plenty of drivers who negociate this bend.

The nature of the corner means that one needs to place the car properly for the corner exit. If this doesn't happen, the risk of the car being thrown sideways as it leaves the corner is extremely high. And the trajectory of this M car delivers a perfect example of this.

And we'll remind you this is where Nurburgring settle Misha Charoudin crashed his Toyota 86 "company car", albeit with the accident being lighter.

Alas, the driver seemed to show a late countersteer reaction, so any chances of bringing the straight-six machine back in a straight line were lost.

Thus, it didn't long until the M3 met the guardrail, with the sportscar hitting the metallic element at considerable speed.

The Bimmer completed its spin and was sent back onto the track and this is where things stopped taking a turn for the worse. For one thing, the vehicles approaching from behind managed to get around the M3, while its driver was able to bring the car to a halt just before hitting the barrier on the other side of the circuit.

While we're at it, we'll mention that today is Carfreitag - Car Friday is the official season opener for tourist drivers. As such, the track only hosts Touristenfahrten (Tourist Days) sessions from 8:00 to 18:30.

Unfortunately, this means hefty waiting times to enter the track, while the heavy traffic also increased the risk of an accident.

Update:Here's another Nordschleife crash that took place today.

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