BMW M3 Has ABS Failure on Nurburgring, Stops Inches Away From a Crash

Anybody who has slammed on the brakes when the road was covered in the white stuff knows the nightmare that is the "winter mode" of the ABS. But how about experiencing that feeling when you're sprinting on the Nurburgring and a tire wall comes right at you?
BMW M3 Has ABS Failure on Nurburgring 5 photos
BMW M3 Has ABS Failure on NurburgringBMW M3 Has ABS Failure on NurburgringBMW M3 Has ABS Failure on NurburgringBMW M3 Has ABS Failure on Nurburgring
This is exactly what the driver of a BMW M3 recently went through, with the camera placed inside the machine capturing the magical moment.

Yes, it was magical, since the ABS was initially tricked by the configuration of the track (more on this below), but regained composure just in time to bring the car to a hault and avoid a ka-bang - the E9X M3 came inches away from sending its V8 into the tire wall, with smoke and driver's chuckles making everything seems like it was a theater scene.
So, what exactly happened? Steilstrecke did
Nurburgring settler Misha Charoudin, who once crashed a BMW in that part of the Green Hell due to the same problem, jumped to the comments section of the Facebook post to explain the problem, one that everybody wishing to set wheel on the infamous German track should pay attention to.

"Didn't end well for me there. Issue is, the car is coming over a slight bump before the left curb which unloads the car and the ABS goes into the so-called "ice mode" thinking you have no grip. Massive issue with certain type of cars. Remap ABS or adjust braking. Happy you've made it!," Misha said.

Some of those who prepare for the Nurburgring by watching videos or creating these in video games often overlook the three-dimensional nature of the Nordschleife, with all the ups and downs, as well as the bumps, creating real traps.

And while the 2019 updates, which included resurfacing five sections, did solve a part of these problems, you still need to be fully aware of the Ring's configuration before you can start welding the throttle.


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