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BMW M3 Does Burnout in Front of Police Car, Gets Busted

We know that it’s hard to drive an E36 BMW M3 and not floor the throttle on every occasion, but there are some times when the floor mat is better off if left untouched.
We’ve brought along a video that shows such a moment, with the footage being captured during the Bimmerfest East 2012 event. Unfortunately, not just the attenders and the spectators found out about the gathering, the police also did, so they decided to show up in multiple patrol cars, even though neither of these was wearing a BMW badge.

The adjacent clip shows how one of the participants, the driver of a custom E36 M3, saw this as a sign of disrespect and decided to show the same, performing a dynamic burnout right in front of the cops.

The outcome? He got pulled over - no rocket science here.


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