BMW M3 Competition Takes BMW i4 M50 to School, Shows It How To Win a Drag Race

BMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag Race 8 photos
Photo: YouTube Screenshot/Carwow
BMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag RaceBMW M Competition Vs BMW i4 M50 Drag Race
Comparing the new BMW i4 M50 EV to the legendary M3 feels like a waste of time. The M3 is a celebrated top-tier M-car, while the EV merely acquired the ‘M’ label. But here’s the kicker, while the M3 sits up high in the BMW value ladder, the i4 makes considerably more power. Put on a drag race, which M-car would come out victorious?
Mat Watson of CarWow pitted the BMW i4 M50 against the M3 Competition in a drag race to determine if the i4 has enough juice to kick the M3 to the curb.

The M3 Competition comes with a 3.0-liter straight-six engine making 510 HP and 650 Nm of torque. The potent engine is paired to an 8-speed automatic driving the rear wheels. Compared to other M3s, Watson’s version weighs 1,730 kg and costs $99,792.

The i4, on the other hand, comes with two electric motors pumping out a combined 544 HP and 794 Nm of torque. It’s much heavier than the M3 at 2,215 kg and cheaper at $86,705.

Electric vehicles have a reputation for pulling surprises at the drag strip. But even with instant torque and considerably more power, seasoned track cars like the M3 are top-end power kings. Can the i4 M50 hold on to the lead before an M3 Competition catches up?

The M3 does a perfect launch on the first run while the i4 experiences wheel spin. They run head to head for a few seconds before the M3 pulls away, winning by a massive margin.

On the second run, the i40 picks up perfectly without wheel spin as the M3 grapples to get a good launch losing to the i4 by a whisker. On the last drag race, the M3 puts its foot down and shows the i4 who's boss. It completed the quarter-mile race in 11.7-seconds while the i4 did it in 11.9-seconds.

The BMW EV gets an advantage at the start due to instant torque but can’t hold the lead once the M3 Competition churns up enough top-end power. It is also considerably heavier, giving more leverage to the M3 down the track.

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