BMW M235i vs Subaru WRX STi vs Opel Astra OPC Comparison Test

There’s no actual reason to compare the BMW M235i agains the Subaru WRX STi or the Opel Astra OPC but if the chance arises, would you turn it down? No, we didn’t think so and neither did the guys from Ignition that took the trio up for a set of tests, to see which is best.
BMW M235i vs Opel Astra OPC vs Subaru WRX STi 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
From the get go, we should point out a couple of important details about this trio, though, just so that you know what you’re looking at here, before starting to frown at how big the differences are.

First of all, none of them have similar transmissions, as the BMW is rear-wheel drive, the Subaru is all-wheel drive while the poor Opel is front-wheel drive. Even with the limited slip differential on the front wheels, the OPC still can’t keep up with the other two on the track.

However, while we did expect the M235i to push its tail out, the driver in this video doesn’t seem to really understand how a BMW works, especially with a manual. The amount of understeer the car shows at about the 10 minute mark is absolutely horrendous and shows that not everyone should drive this kind of a car, fast.

Even so, it’s applaudable that they compared the cars with the same driver behind the wheel, during each test, so that the results could be as accurate as possible. During the first test, which was done right if you ask us, the BMW shows superiority in acceleration and braking capabilities.

Unfortunately, the second test was rather hilarious. We get the idea behind using a glass filled with liquid to compare the harshness of the suspension but the way it was put into action was funny, with a basin and all that was interesting. Yet again, the BMW won.

Now, we should point out that the M235i is the most powerful and most expensive car here and the only one part of the premium segment. Pitting it against the other two is just not fair but it does go to show that if you can afford to buy it, it’s worth the extra money.

On the other hand, you won't get a really bad interior like on the Subaru, with cheap plastics all around that will start to creak over time, you get a silky smooth inline 6-cylinder engine and rear-wheel-drive, unlike the Opel that sends its power to the front wheels, like a good old fashion hot hatch.

Even so, the guys still had different opinions on which car they'd rather get. They do make some interesting arguments but we can't agree with all of them. And it's not because we simply don't want to but because we drove all of them and know how they feel.

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