BMW M2 vs. 1M Coupe Comparison Includes the Obligatory Drag Race

These two BMW coupes are separated by many years, yet they almost seem like direct rivals. Every guy I'm friends with wanted to buy either the 1 or 2 Series, but secretly, the M versions are what we lust after.
BMW M2 vs. 1M Coupe Comparison Includes the Obligatory Drag Race 1 photo
Most of Tom Cruise's girlfriends have been taller than him. Likewise, we want engines that are too big for the frame of the car we've got, and BMW is the only company willing to oblige.

Not only that, but it makes everything seem natural. Unlike the old Clio V6 that had a wallet-sized trunk, every entry-level BMW is designed to take a 3-liter inline-six engine.

As far as we know, Carfection is the only Youtube operation that has made a comparison between the 1M and the M2. Because one has limited production and the other is very hard to find, putting them on a track is an achievement worthy of mention, and the drag race is the cherry on top of the cake.

Of course, the M2 wins, partly because the DCT gearbox is such an unfair advantage, but also because it has slightly more power.

Even though they appear to follow the same rules, these two coupes are not two peas in a pot. As the reviewer says, the old time is raw and keeps you on your toes. Meanwhile, the M2 can be a great cruiser and is less snappy. You can buy it with a manual, but that won't necessarily make it a better drivers' car.

Yeah, we'd buy the 1M over the M2 as well. If you want a relaxed coupe with lots of power, why not get the cheaper M240i or a second-hand M235i? In places that aren't Britain, you can also have those with xDrive, making them safer on the edge. But certain special motors get you screaming for joy, even if you're just going to buy milk, and the 1M is at the top of the list.

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