BMW M2 Rendered in Estoril Blue

BMW M2 Rendering 3 photos
Photo: X-Tomi Design
BMW F87 M2 RenderingBMW F87 M2 Rendering
The world is currently waiting for BMW to go back to its roots. In the last few years, the company was criticized for turning the M division into a money making machine with brilliant marketing and all sorts of schemes.
One of our colleagues said one day that it’s not natural to drive a proper M car and not scare the living daylights out of a random passenger and we think he might be on to something here. The M models used to be properly fierce cars back in the day, cars that literally made you wet your undergarments a little, when driven to the edge.

That’s not happening anymore today. Sure, BMW can defend itself claiming that they are only offering what the market is asking for, a ton of performance in comfort, but that should be kept for other cars and not the M ones.

In this regard, signs of recovery are starting to show. The brand new M235i received reviews that are more than flattering. We liked it as well and, if it came with a stiffer suspension, we would’ve found it worthy of the M badge.

Working on this encouraging success of the M235i, BMW started developing the M2 and we’ve already seen it testing on the Nurburgring once or twice.

The new car is rumored to have a 3-liter turbocharged petrol engine with an inline 6-cylinder architecture that will be good for up to 380 HP and around 500 Nm (369 lb-ft) of torque. Sure, those numbers haven’t been officially confirmed but our sources have been right in the past and we have no reason to think they won’t be now. We even know that the production of the M2 will start in November, next year.

Therefore, renderings of the car are only natural to show up all over. The latest comes from X-Tomi Design and shows us how a possible F87 M2 would look like in what seems to be Estoril Blue, one of the colors you can only get on an M Sport or M car.

Interesting to note here is that his car seems to be fitted with the same front and rear bumper as seen on the M4 as well as the kidney grilles that are actually showing the ‘M4’ logo on them. Thankfully the front headlights are the same as on a regular 2 Series.

However, the rear fascia looks rather good, with 4 exhaust tailpipes fitted inside the air diffuser. Furthermore, the 1M Coupe wheels give off an interesting vibe, tickling our ‘spider-sense’ and letting us somehow know that there’s some serious power lying under that bonnet.

Judging by our spyshots, the M2 will also have air breathers on the front wings and a seriously wider track at the back. That means we’ll get to see some flared wheel arches a là M3. If that’s the case, expect some wider wheels as well.

All in all, the M2 should turn out to be quite the neck-breaker, if BMW manages to keep the weight in check. Furthermore, the M3 and M4 performance could be in danger, but that’s a problem for the marketing people to worry about and not us.
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