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BMW M2 Is Faster, More Fun than M4 According to Motor Trend

Stop thinking about crossovers for a second while we try to answer one of life's greatest mysteries: is the all-new BMW M2 half the car that the M4 is or does it kick its butt around the track?
BMW M2 Is Faster, More Fun than M4 According to Motor Trend 1 photo
We know for a fact that BMW doesn't have a problem making the M3 and M4 faster than the M5 and M6. The big boys are for old people who have lost some of their mobility and passion for driving, so it's okay. However, learning that the M2 is superior in any way to the M4 is like discovering luxury features on a Dacia.

Leaving that weird joke aside, we find ourselves faced with a duel of epic proportions. After we watched the M4 get trashed by the Camaro SS last week, we kind of expected the same to happen during this episode of Motor Trend's Ignition. And it did...

In all regards, the M2 and M4 were evenly matched. Only past 60 mph did the extra power of the M4 give it a slight advantage. But care to guess which one came out on top in a timed lap race? The little car, the underdog that brought nimble handling and predictability to the table. Frankly, it's amazing that BMW allowed the M2 to be this good.

By now, you are probably wondering how much you can get for your liver. However, there are a few things you should know before taking it out. Motor Trend's editor says this one isn't an M car, just like the 1M Coupe wasn't. There are several little problems culminating with the seat being placed in a crooked position so that BMW can save a few development bucks.

That's a problem, but all the rest are just niggles. Do you really need an engine temperature gauge? No. Do you need 12 different settings for the steering wheel? No, and we could argue that's not the core of the M brand anyway.

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