BMW M2 CS Drag Races AWD Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Annihilation Follows

BMW M2 CS Drag Races AWD Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Annihilation Follows 3 photos
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BMW M2 CS Drag Races AWD Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Annihilation FollowsBMW M2 CS Drag Races AWD Jaguar F-Type Coupe, Annihilation Follows
The BMW M2 CS is a very special little car, built for enthusiasts with deep pockets. It's a condensed version of the M4 with a similar engine, a shorter wheelbase, and manual gearbox availability. But is it faster than some average Jaguar F-Type Coupe?
The F-Type is seen by many as a cool-looking car that perhaps isn't as fast as it should be. After a mid-life refresh, the engine lineup has also been changed a little, and while everybody wanted a twin-turbo V8 or a competent inline-6, what we got is more of the same 5.0-liter.

Somehow, these two wildly different sports cars have ended up with identical power outputs of 444 hp (450 PS). That's right, Jaguar now makes a 5.0-liter with less power than a Mustang. However, the car isn't exactly slow and can use two advantages in the event of a drag race: its AWD system and automatic gearbox.

Even with Tiff Needell behind the wheel, the M2 CS can't win against the Jaguar. We'd still buy one of these BMWs in a heartbeat, as they're sure to be very collectible. But after also losing to the Audi RS4, we're beginning to be concerned about the reputation of the Bavarian barnstormer. While the outcome is indisputable, this drag race doesn't look to be a quarter-mile one. Also, a rolling race might have been fairer for the M2, considering its handicap.

It's worth pointing out that BMW is about to launch an all-new 2 Series with the M2 replacement a bit further down the line. Also, Jaguar makes a version of the F-Type with about 125 hp more, and that would obviously demolish the M2.

If you're curious to see how these two models compare in terms of handling, check out the full road and track review Lovecars did back in August. You'd be surprised by how many things Tiff doesn't like in the M2, despite it being his type of car.

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