BMW M2 Competition, M4 Competition Drag Race, Have a Drift Off After

The F82 M4 is widely considered one of the best six-6 M cars of all time. However, if you're not a fan of the extra-wide body, you can enjoy the same flavors in the M2, now sold exclusively under Competition guise.
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The old M2's engine didn't comply with the latest emissions regulations in Europe. But rather than give up on its baby model entirely, the M division swapped to a twin-turbo 3-liter as you get in the bigger M3 and M4.

Power is kept "down" to just 410 HP, but that still sounds like a very exciting number in such a small package. This Carwow video is a perfect demonstration of how the expresso that is the M2 Competition compares to a cup of M4.

It starts with a drag race on the long straight at the Rockingham track. The weather is a big factor here, as both RWD models struggle to put down the power down in the wet. Also, the M2 Competiton is equipped with a manual gearbox, which would be damning if this were just about drag racing.

But it's not. Mat Watson in the manual M2 has a better start but loses by a nose to the more powerful and quicker-shifting M4. After that, the two BMWs have a rolling race. One might have more power, but their torque and weight are nearly identical, which counts a lot more in this scenario.

What next? Track battle, with a racing driver behind the wheel. With all the nannies turned off, the two cars are quite frisky, but the M4 Competition proves its worth the extra money by being a couple of seconds quicker around Rockingham.

Drifting is something both M cars are good at. Mat says he enjoys the twitchiness and sense of occasion provided by the short-wheelbase M2. However, the racing driver says the delivery in the M4 is what he wants. But since when do racing driver know anything about cars?


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