BMW M135i Drag Races Mercedes-AMG A35, Obliteration Follows

BMW M135i Drag Races Mercedes-AMG A35, Obliteration Follows 1 photo
Photo: YouTube screenshot/Archie Hamilton Racing
BMW and Mercedes keep launching similar cars within months of each other. After V8 sedans, the German giants have now released direct rivals to the Golf R. But which is the fastest between the BMW M135i and the Mercedes-AMG A35?
We know that drag races like this aren't relevant for our American readers. However, a bunch of them would like to buy hatchbacks like these if they ever become available. In many ways, this video is a preview of what will happen when the BMW M235i Gran Coupe gets lined up against the CLA 35 next year.

And what exactly does happen? Utter and quite conclusive decimation. This is the second credible drag race where the AMG loses badly. We'd feel bad for them if they weren't lighting their cigars with €100 bills.

Anyway, even though these projects are developed under supposed secrecy, you'd imagine that many employees on both sides knew their rivals were also planning to use a 2-liter turbo with 306 horsepower. The AMG boys probably imagined the performance would be the same, and the power of their badge would help sell more cars.

But they were wrong. Supposedly due to the 50 extra Nm of torque and slightly lighter body, the M135i out-accelerates its rival. At least in Britain, where this was filmed, the Bavarian car is also a little bit cheaper to buy.

Archie Hamilton did multiple passes to prove the BMW is indeed quicker. From the way it pulls cleanly from the AMG, we think it's got about 20 horsepower more than its rival. Sure, the numbers don't support that, but German automakers are known for doing stuff like this just to one-up their rivals.

Of course, the A35 is not the ultimate A-Class because for a lot more money you can have the 421 horsepower A45 S. Some say that's going overboard, but rumors talk about a retaliatory response from BMW next decade.

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