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BMW M Drag Race Pits M2 Against M4, M5 and M6

Here's a drag race that we've been waiting to see for quite a few weeks. It's got all the BMW M cars, at least the ones that aren't SUVs.
BMW M Drag Race Pits M2 Against M4, M5 and M6 4 photos
M2 vs. M4 vs. M5 vs. M6M2 vs. M4 vs. M5 vs. M6M2 vs. M4 vs. M5 vs. M6
Mat Watson from Carwow is in the smallest and cheapest car, the M2. Fitted with a manual gearbox, it's got the least power, but people have said that it's the only true M car at the moment, so how it does in the drag race might not matter.

Paul from Supercars of London is a guest driver, and he owns an M3. However, they put him in the Smurftastic M6, which is supposed to win the race. However, our money would be on the M5 because it's the 30 Jahre edition with all that extra power.

"Anyone who thinks the M2 is in any way shape or form almost as fast as an M4 saw what happened there," May says after the race. And the outcome is surprising, as the M4 is the one that crosses the quarter-mile line first.

The M4 has the competition pack, so its twin-turbo 3-liter engine makes 450 horsepower instead of the usual 431. The M5 30 Jahre is a powerhouse with a V8 engine that's been re-tuned to 600 horsepower and noticeably more torque than the M4. However, the extra bulk (around 300 kilos) manages to play a part in the drag race's outcome.

The M6 has the Competition Pack, so it's got 600 horsepower too. At 1,925 kilos, it's by far the heaviest car in the group.

The rolling race is a great equalizer for powerful cars. The two V8 models pulled miles on the 3-liter contenders. Mat says he prefers the slowest car because it's the most fun, and we're not surprised. And the two big boys are about to be made obsolete by the all-new M5 and upcoming M8, both of which will have xDrive and 0 to 60 times in the low 3-second range.

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