BMW K100RT “Marc Ellus” Is an Intricate Manifestation of Top-Tier Custom Wizardry

At times, the right mindset can transform an unfortunate circumstance into the opportunity to create something fantastic.
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Marc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc EllusMarc Ellus
Generally speaking, break-ups aren’t pleasant, but a divorce can be a lot tougher to bear. Whereas many people will unfortunately slip into bad habits and utter demoralization, others find the will to recover by pursuing their most fulfilling aspirations. The latter was the chosen approach of a Czech fellow named Marcel Galuszka, who decided to channel his full energy into the art of motorcycle customization when his marriage came to an abrupt end.

Since he was no expert in this line of business, Marcel spent countless hours learning and refining the necessary skills, all of which culminated in the stunning transformation of a wrecked 1979 Suzuki GS550. Needless to say, Galuszka was hooked, so his next endeavor took things to an entirely new level with the foundation of a full-blown workshop in 2018.

This is how Blackout Custom Design came into being, and the bike we’re featuring today is a perfect demonstration of what this enterprise is all about. Ladies and gents, we’ve the pleasure of introducing you to “Marc Ellus” – or what might just be the sexiest BMW K100RT-based project to ever come out of the Czech Republic.

Marc Ellus
In its previous incarnation, this glamorous piece of bespoke machinery was a 1985 model from Bavaria’s K100RT lineup. The German tourer comes equipped with a liquid-cooled 987cc inline-four colossus, which boasts dual overhead cams and a compression ratio of 10.2:1.

At 8,000 rpm, the engine will deliver as much as 90 hp to a five-speed transmission, which is connected to the rear wheel via a shaft final drive. When the tachometer shows 6,000 spins per minute, the mill is good for up to 63 pound-feet (86 Nm) of feral twisting force. This whole shebang gives Motorrad’s gladiator the ability to run the quarter-mile in 12.5 seconds and achieve a top speed of 134 mph (215 kph).

As soon as the donor crossed his doorstep, Marcel began by inspecting the Beemer’s powerplant to make sure everything was running smoothly. After the four-cylinder brute had been reassembled, it was enveloped in an eerie coat of black paint, which is complemented by silver accents. The addition of a bespoke exhaust system and free-flowing air filters concluded the powertrain adjustments.

Marc Ellus
The following step consisted of rebuilding the subframe to accommodate a handmade seat pan, on top of which you’ll see a cross-stitched leather saddle keeping things classy. In terms of electricals, a custom wiring harness links several Motogadget goodies to an m-Unit Blue control module. These items include glassless bar-end mirrors, a fresh handlebar and m-Blaze blinkers, as well as aftermarket grips and a digital Motoscope Pro speedometer.

At the rear, Marc Ellus flaunts a pair of dual-function Kellerman Bullet 1000 taillights, while the front end received a state-of-the-art LED headlight that looks as if it belongs in the future. To bring about ample grip on the tarmac, Galuszka proceeded to install premium Lazertec tires from Metzeler’s inventory. Finally, the entire structure was wrapped in a sublime color scheme from head to toe, thus concluding Blackout Custom Design’s undertaking in style.


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