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BMW i8, the Only 3-Cylinder Sportscar That Sounds Good

Now, now, we know what you're going to say, that there are no three-cylinder sportscars out there. But besides the well known 125 hp Fiesta EcoBoost, there's also the Suzuki Capuccino kei sportscar, which has a 660cc engine.
BMW i8 1 photo
We have to leave the jokes aside though, since there's nothing funny about the BMW i8. The hybrid sportscar should deliver performance matching older BMW M3s and will probably cost over €100,000.

This prototype recently filmed at the Nurbrurgring shows that the i8 is built for handling. Despite only having three cylinders, the 1.5-liter engine mounted at the back delivers one amazing sound, just as good as any V6.

Hopefully, the car will look as good as the concept did. Only then will people start waving their checkbooks at their BMW dealers.

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