BMW i8 Rendered with Four Doors

four-door bmw i8 rendering 1 photo
Photo: theophilus chin
 There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the incredible mix the i8 proposes is downright impressive. However there are some slight limitations to this new age car, one of them being the limited room in the back.
When BMW said it would be a 2+2 car people expected to be somewhat capable of using the rear seats. In reality though, they are just as uncomfortable and small as on the average Porsche. That’s an area where the Bavarians might’ve made a difference. To be completely honest, there is a bit more room in the back but the seating position and the upward backrests make traveling for longer trips a bit of an annoyance.
Now, Theophilus Chin decided to show us how a possible i8 with a longer wheelbase would look like. He took the rear doors from the i3 and slammed them on the i8. According to his post, they are also suicide doors, just like on the city-car.
While it might seem absurd to some, this rendering actually makes sense in regard to the rumored i5 model that is supposedly being developed as we speak by BMW. The car is supposed to be a direct rival to the Model S as neither the i8 nor the i3 can claim to be in the same segment.
A traditional sedan configuration coupled with the drivetrain of the i8 would be an impressive machine to say the least. However, the pricing should be different as well as the specs and performance figures. Such a car would have some added weight that would take the sprint times upwards from the 4.4 seconds the i8 claims right now. Also, the electric range would go down by a bit. It’s still an interesting thought though.
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