BMW i8 Prototype Onboard Video Test Drive by EvoTV

BMW i8 Interior Shot 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Are you ready to go for a drive inside the i8? Good, we knew you were. The guys from EvoTV were lucky enough to be allowed to film a test drive with the i8 prototype, something we haven't seen before.
Despite having the door panels and dash covered by nasty pieces of cloth, to avoid releasing too much info on how it will look like on the inside, we still got some interesting stuff from the inside shots.

One thing is for sure: the engine sound will blow you away. The 3-cylinder sounds amazing, has a growly sound in low revs, going to a moderate pitch as you near its redline.

Furthermore, you get to hear the i8 in electric mode, a thing that, from what we understand, is yet to be refined. At the moment you do hear an electric humming whilst the car is powered by the batteries but hopefully that will be fixed before the car is launched.

Other interesting things to notice inside the car are the seats, that seem to be using some innovative materials (they look like jeans) and are pretty high and thin, and the paddles behind the steering wheel.

We won't spoil your fun by saying more, we'll just let you watch the video below (we assure you, it's worth it).

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