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BMW i8 Is a Huge Trump Fan, Mixes the Flags of the U.S. and Israel

This picture has all the necessary ingredients to spark an online debate, but since we are a website that covers pretty much anything automotive-related, we will only focus on that part, reporting on the obvious. So, let’s kick it.
BMW i8 8 photos
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What we have here is a BMW i8, a car that officially left assembly for good last summer, after six years in production. It has a custom wrapping, hopefully, and not a full-on paint job, that honors the former U.S. President, Donald Trump, and First Lady, Melania – and we are just getting started.

Their pictures are proudly displayed on the windscreen, with a “Thank You” note, and are separated by the word “Jerusalem”, in reference to the U.S. embassy that moved there from Tel Aviv in 2018, merging into a single mission with the U.S. Consulate-General.

The left side of the hood, door and tailgate display Israel’s flag, with the Star of David taking center stage, while on the opposite side, the i8 sports the U.S. flag. And there is no bald eagle anywhere in sight, apparently.

The rest of the car looks stock, save for the privacy windows, but we cannot really tell for sure, as there is only a single picture of it that was posted a few days ago on Reddit’s ‘Shi**y Car Mods’ section.

Scrolling through the comments, we spotted yet another ride with a similar makeover: a Lamborghini Aventador. However, instead of Melania Trump’s picture, it features the portrait of Israel’s (outgoing) Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, next to Donald Trump’s.

The flags of the two countries are also displayed on the outside, and the windscreen sports different decals, including Trump, America and Israel.

Due to potential copyright issues, we cannot show you the picture of the said Lamborghini, but you can check it out by accessing this link.


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