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BMW i3 Wins Automotive Interiors Expo Award 2014

It was a good week for BMW, the German company claiming no less than 3 new awards from various publications. Yesterday, two engines used by BMW and MINI models won International Engine of the Year awards in the 3-liter and 1.4- to 1.8-liter categories. Now, the i3 also came back with a prize, from a different publication.
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The green car was bestowed with the Automotive Interiors Expo Award 2013 for the Production Interior Vehicle Design of the Year. This was the third edition of these awards that recognize exceptionally innovative concepts and solutions to the field of interior design. The gala was held in Stuttgart, on Tuesday.

A most important role in this achievement was played not only by how the interior of the i3 was designed but also by the materials that were used in its making. Looking for a complete eco-friendly approach, BMW wanted to use components that didn’t harm the environment.

Therefore, renewable raw and recycled materials were used as well as wood and leather surfaces, treated using only environmentally sound methods. The color palette also helped out, giving a soothing and relaxed feel to the cabin.

The car’s futuristic looks haven’t been greatly appreciated by the fans. It was more often than not called ugly, boxy and all sorts of other demeaning adjectives but the idea of creating a BMW that impacts the environment as little as possible is still greatly appreciated.

According to BMW, “the large, clear surfaces and bright ambience represent an expression of clean air and zero emissions. Large glass surfaces showcase the car’s lightweight design and lend the interior an airy, lounge-like character, while also offering the driver a better view over the road.”

Sure, that sounds way too sentimental for the typical, serious German but going over the hard, cold numbers, you’ll find out that there’s truth behind that fancy talk. 25 percent of the plastic used inside the i3 is recycled while the textiles used for the seat surfaces, roofliner, interior trims, boot lining, instrument panel and floor mats come from recycled fibers as well.

The wood on the dash is Eucalyptus, from certified plantations in Europe. At first, it may seem weird to use that kind of wood inside a car but you should know that it was chosen because it’s one of the fastest growing trees in the world. At the same time, the leather used is naturally tanned, using an extract of olive leaves, all in the effort of keeping the world safe and sound for future generations. Hopefully, it will work.

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