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BMW i3 to Make Production Debut at Frankfurt 2013

We've been following the i3 electric city car even since BMW decided to show it off as a concept in 2011 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Yes, they've been testing it just as long, which means the car going to enter production sooner rather than later.
2011 BMW i3 Concept 1 photo
BMW has already revealed plans to launch 10 new cars by the end of 2014, and the i3 is definitely one of them. According to AutoWeek, the first purpose-built electric BMW will be show as a production car in Frankfurt.

Since it's the only major motor show left in the European calendar, this seems like a likely scenario. However, there's always the possibility of a private event before that.

We like the i3 because unlike other EVs, it's got the engine in the back, which is also where the power is sent. And if using up all the battery while having fun worries you, tan an optional range extender two-cylinder engine should put those anxieties to rest.

BMW has another, bit crazier solution to range anxiety. Earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, they announced that i3 owners can ask for a BMW rental car if they want to go on longer journeys. But a BMW, get two. How about that? Of course, nothing is actually free, so the i3 likely carries with it a hefty price tag, but not one that's totally unjustified.


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