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BMW i3 First Drive Review by Top Gear

The reviews of BMW's i3 just keep on pouring in. Top Gear joined in the effort to best describe how the all-electric vehicle is on the road and published their own review.
BMW i3 1 photo
According to them, the car is blissfully simple and the drivetrain system is easy to use, being controlled by a so-called 'gear knob' that is actually just a selector of the direction in which you want to go, as the car has only 1 gear.

However, once you get going, you're immediately struck of how good this car is. The sound of the i3 is refined and premium, as a BMW should. Don't think that the car is slow though. It's numbers might not be of supercar status, but it feels quick and nimble.

One thing you'll immediately get used too is how responsive the throttle is. Since the 250 Nm of torque are available at any moment, that's completely justifiable, but what strikes you most is the strong regenerative breaking from the motor that takes place even before you touch the brake.

Using that system will actually allow you to drive using just one pedal, if you're careful enough, bringing forward the 'one-pedal driving technique'.

As a conclusion, the guys from Top Gear claim that "this is a compelling electric car. It's not the first on the market, but BMW has put some original thinking into almost every part of its design and engineering. It drives sweetly, is distinctively designed, and has the reassuring range-extender option if you are anxious about running flat."

For the full review, check out Top Gear.


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