BMW Holds Sales Lead in November 2013 over Mercedes and Audi

In the luxury/premium segment the battle is heating up, with Mercedes’ new CLA and A-Class selling big last month, the Stuttgart manufacturer closing in on BMW.
BMW F34 3 Series GT 1 photo
However, the Bavarians managed to hold on to their lead in the segment, with a total of 149,663 units sold, compared to the 133,441 units of Mercedes and 132,050 units of Audi that was actually overtaken by the Tri-Star last month.

As for the year-to-date rankings, Audi is still in front of Mercedes-Benz by 120,000 units, adding up to 1.44 million cars sold whilst BMW is still leading with 1.49 million units sold so far.

Even though some people criticized the new 3 Series GT, the car proved to be one of the best sellers in the previous month, helping the German company reach such record breaking sales.


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