BMW GINA Concept Is One of CAR Magazine's Cars with Superpowers

The guys from CAR Magazine are definitely going crazy these days. We feel the lack of newsworthy articles too but they took it a bit further. In their own British style, they put together a list of the world's Top 10 Cars with Superpowers.
BMW GINA 1 photo
Photo: BMW
So, guided by Iron Man and other superheroes, they started putting together a couple of the most impressive cars ever built. The number one spot was taken by the flying car, a concept made by US company Terrafuglia. Ugly but useful.

Number two went to the Jeep that climbed walls, number 3 to the Touareg V10 TDI, fourth to Saab's weirdest creation and finally, on the number 5 spot we found the BMW GINA Concept.

This Bavarian creation was a fabric-skinned shape-shifting sports car that only made it to Concept level. The name is actually an acronym standing for Geometry and functions In 'N' Adaptations.

Originally it was designed by BMW's contested Chris Bangle and it was meant to change the way we look at cars. The body of the car allows its driver to change it's shape at will. Furthermore, the body changes according to exterior conditions and speeds.

The whole thing is absolutely impressive. The underbody is made of a moveable frame and covered with fabric. The shape is controlled by a number of various electric and hydraulic actuators and even the headlights are hidden, coming 'alive' using small motors that pull the fabric off them, in a movement similar to the one eyelids make.

When idle, all the interior parts are gathered around the central console, allowing the driver an easy entry. Once the start button is pushed, the steering wheel and instruments assume their correct position and the headrest rises from the seat, making you feel the car is actually alive.

Of course, for 2001 this was way ahead of its time but certain ideas were carried over in various cars around the world and future models might use even more of its tech. That's why it's worth its place in this top. You can check out the BMW GINA in the video posted below.

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