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It's been a while since BMW released it's Frozen paint range, looking to bring even more exclusivity to their customers. The Frozen paints are somewhat similar to Matte colors and look absolutely amazing.
However, all that good-looks comes with a price. We're not just talking about the acquisition price, we're also talking about maintenance and taking care of your Frozen finished car, a thing that might scare you at first.

The guys from Drive Clean actually did a piece on these paint jobs last year, and we're bringing that material up again, since we saw BMW's Individual paint jobs are gaining a lot of attention again, all of the sudden.

The main thing to remember here is that Frozen colors are a bit trickier to maintain but there are solutions and tips on how to do it.Compared to classic, clear coated paints, these colors absorb the light, instead of reflecting it.

That makes them special, but you can't buff any scratch or do a touch up on a Frozen car. However, it is recommended not to do so on your clear coated vehicle neither, as it will only solve a problem temporarily. The best thing to do is repaint it.

It's exactly the same with these colors. BMW took a lot of time and is spending a lot of money on instructing painters throughout their dealerships to teach them how to paint a Frozen car. They're taught how to find out the perfect combination and how to apply it, as you can see in the video.

At the end of the day (and after watching this video) it's only up to you if you decide to go for it or not, but we're making sure to let you know all about these colors, before you make up your mind.

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