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BMW F80 M3 vs. F82 M4 Comparison Suggests 2016 MY Has Better Exhaust Sound

Nick Murray rose to Internet fame a while ago after posting a YouTube video detailing all the things wrong with his Porsche 911 and how badly Porsche North America handled things. After they finally offered to take it off his hands and give him the money back (forced by public outcry), the guy decided a change of pace was in order and bought a brand new BMW M4 Coupe.
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One year later, he decided to do a comparison video between his M4 coupe and an M3 sedan owned by one of his friends.

You might be tempted to think that the M3 and M4 are the same, but that's not the case. Because the 4 Series has wider tracks as standard, it received only slightly flared fenders when transitioning into its M configuration. That means the M3 looks angrier when viewed from the front, which is what most people like.

"Yes, but the M4 has a sleek coupe body," we hear you say. But there are drawbacks to that as well, the major one being the size of the doors. The front door of the M3 is 42 inches (106 cm) while the M4 has 57-inch doors (145 cm). That is a serious difference that could make getting out in a car park nearly impossible, at least with your dignity intact.

Despite being more practical, the M3 is also €2,000 cheaper. Yes, it weighs a couple of tens of pounds more, but so does a bag of groceries.

If all this information has left you wanting to buy the M3, you might still have questions regarding the gearbox choice. Well, you probably don't since nobody buys the manual. But the second video below should give you an idea of what to expect.

Nick says the 2016 model year M3 his friend brought along sounds a lot better than the 2015 M4. Knowing the huge scandal that surrounded the aural experience delivered by this 3.0-liter turbo engine, he suggests BMW secretly made updates.

Editor's note: If you can get one of these for $62,200, how can Porsche ask over $100k for its twin-turbocharged 911 Carrera S?

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