BMW F13 M6 Test Drive by MotorTrend

The current BMW M6 grew in size and weight. It also grew in power and torque, while leaving 2 cylinders out of the equation. The F13 M6 is a 2 and a half tone beast but how is it to actually drive it? MotorTrend finds out in their test drive.
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Photo: MotorTrend
BMW F13 M6 Test DriveBMW F13 M6 Test DriveBMW F13 M6 Test DriveBMW F13 M6 Test DriveBMW F13 M6 Test Drive
The new car has 60 extra HP and and 160 more Nm of torque. This is all coming out of a 4.4-liter V8, turbocharged, instead of the old S85 V10, 5-liter unit used before on the E60 M5 and E63 M6.

However, the car feels more like a tourer than a sports car. The steering is very subtle and easy to use, while the seats and leather and comfortable ride will make you think you're sitting in a 7 Series not an M6.

That's a shame for the hardcore M car lover, the one that thinks the E30 M3 is the epitome of the affordable sports cars and nothing else matters. It's a sacrilege for those purists that want a visceral experience and a disappointment for other BMW enthusiasts.

It is also a perfect car for the niche it's destined for. The people that actually want a comfortable and fast car, that won't take it to the track and that enjoy the subtlety of it, every day.

The kind of people that park it in front of coffee shops and drive it fast only in short spans, usually 400 m (1/4 mile) runs, where the M6 shines. The engine noise has been tamed and really shows its ugly and mean character at over 7000 RPM.

The seating is perfect, low and comfortable, while the passengers will also find comfort in a small amount in the back seats (they can actually be used). Of course, when the traction control system is turned off, you have to be really careful with the rear tires but we're assuming that since you can afford this over $100k car, you can afford the tires for it too.

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