BMW F10 M5 Custom Muffler Install DIY

Most of the BMW F10 M5 owners complained about the sound quality of their cars, especially compared to the naturally aspirated V10 engine fitted on the previous, E60 model.
BMW F10 M5 with Eisenmann Mufflers 1 photo
In order to address this problem, most people go for custom, aftermarket exhausts. However, you should know that, in order to change the tune of your car, you don't have to change the whole exhaust. Changing the rear mufflers is enough.

The DIY we're showing you today uses the Eisenmann Sport Performance mufflers, but it can be used for any other system as well. The Eisenmann choice will grant your car a new tune and a better, oval, look at the back.

In case you are using a different system, just follow the same steps and you should be ok. Good luck!



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