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BMW EV9 Shows Stunning Retro-Electric Design

It's no secret that the number of enthusiasts who look into the past, seeking clean design lines, is on the rise. And BMW certainly has plenty of such styling cues in its DNA, which is something this independent rendering builds on.
BMW EV9/i9 independent rendering 4 photos
BMW EV9/i9 independent renderingBMW EV9/i9 independent renderingBMW EV9/i9 independent rendering
As fans of the Bavarian automotive producer will tell you, this proposal reminds one of the iconic E9 coupes built between 1968 and 1975 (if you're seeking the icing on this retro cake, look no further than the first two BMW Art Cars, a pair of 3.0 CSLs painted by Alexander Calder and Frank Stella).

However, this isn't a modernized E9 in the sense that you'd expect from a build featuring an electric swap. Instead, we're looking at a design that sits closer to recent BMW concept cars such as the 3.0 CSL Hommage of 2015. Of course, a more likely nameplate for such a two-door would probably involve the i9 label that BMW has already trademarked last decade.

And while the lower side of the melange catches the eye with the help of elements such as the sleek light clusters or the Turbofan-style wheels, the uber-generous greenhouse is a sight for sore eyes.

In fact, you could explain this entire creation by highlighting the way in which the iconic chrome character line has been updated rather than replaced by the multitude of elements featured on modern cars - would you look at those front turn signals!

We're looking at a mature approach here and this doesn't come as a surprise once you find out that the mind behind the pixels belongs to Chacko Abraham, a Ford and Lincoln interior designer.

Sure, the rear side of the cabin might look like it would need some extra space, especially as far as headroom, but that could be addressed.

And what better time to bring back the design of the past then this era of the electric revolution? These memorable styling cues could help aficionados embrace EVs, right down to the moment when a child stares at the showroom window for minutes on end.


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