BMW Enthusiasts Can Now Drive the i8 as Part of a New Driving Experience Program

BMW is dead serious about investing a lot in the promoting of its new i cars, both the i3 and i8 receiving a new driving experience program just like M cars have had for quite some time now. Therefore, if you were interested in these models but didn’t know exactly what to expect of them on the dynamic side of things, here’s your breakthrough.
BMW i8 Driving Experience 6 photos
BMW i3 and i8BMW M6BMW i8BMW i8, i3 and M6BMW i8 and M6
The Germans just announced that they will be introducing the BMW eDrive Experience Program that allows you to drive i cars to the limit. That means that the i3 and i8 will be available for your driving pleasure on an exclusive track along with instructors that will tell you how to get everything out of the cars.

These being i models you’ll be going through all of their driving modes, not just the fastest one as is the case with the M alternatives. That means you’ll also be learning how to drive as efficiently as possible.

Then there’s the BMW i meets BMW M program that involves both a BMW i8 and a BMW M6. This is where you, as a participant, will get to drive the plug-in hybrid and the high-performance Coupe back to back. All of this will, of course, take place on the BMW and MINI Driving Academy circuit.

Lastly, the Bavarians also announced that the BMW i3 eDrive experience will continue. As you probably guessed already, this one is focused on the electric vehicle alone. Basically, interested people will come down to the BMW and MINI Driving Academy facility in Maisach and get to know everything there is to know about the i3.

After that, they will, of course, get to drive it and learn how to handle that particular ‘one pedal’ cruising mode. In case you haven’t heard of it, we’ll tell you that the i3 brakes really hard just by letting off the acceleration pedal, allowing you to basically use only one pedal around town if you’re careful. Of course, the regenerative brakes will also absorb a lot of the energy that can be recovered in this process, that being the whole idea behind it.

Moving on, the program will also allow you to discover the technical capabilities and agility of the i3 and that’s something few manufacturers actually offer before selling you a car.


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