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BMW Electric Sports Sedan Rendering Imagines BMW's Tesla/Taycan Fighter

If you're familiar with Germany's geography and, more to the point, with the location of the country's major automotive cities, you'll probably be scratching your head as to why BMW is referred to as "the Bavarian carmaker" when Ingolstadt, Audi's headquarters, is less than 50 miles (80 km) to the north and very much part of Bavaria as well.
BMW electric sporty sedan rendering 9 photos
BMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan renderingBMW electric sporty sedan rendering
However, that's just the way things are and as long as Audi isn't complaining about it, why should we? Plus, there are a few things that sit in BMW's favor. For one thing, the state is mentioned in the company's name: Bayerische Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works). Second, BMW headquarters are located right at the heart of the province, in Munich. And besides, nobody kept Audi from renaming the company to "Noch Mehr Bayerische Motoren Werke." If your German is rusty, you'll have to use Google Translate for that.

Now that this very long deviation from the subject is over, let's talk about this rendering from the Stuttgart-based German transportation designer named Alexander Hoch. Stuttgart, as we all know, is where Mercedes-Benz and, more importantly to this story, Porsche cars originally come from. And no, it's not in Bavaria, even though it's not that far away either.

Presumably after seeing more and more Porsche Taycans on the street during his walks, Alexander started wondering what BMW's answer to this four-door battery-powered sporty sedan could look like. He must have glanced at the i4 and not really like what he saw - and who can blame him? - so he decided to come up with his own proposition.

The result is a really angry-looking coupe-shaped four-seater with some pretty aggressive styling that offers the promise of excellent handling and performance. The most important part, though, is just how much better the front end of this rendering looks than anything we've seen on the latest official BMW models or even concepts.

Put this next to the i4 and try to convince yourself the car we'll be getting from BMW is the more appealing choice. You won't succeed. And it's not rocket science: instead of the big panels that substitute the big grille on the ICE models, Alexander chose to make everything as slender as possible, which is what you want in a sporty vehicle.

Before anyone says anything, we too mentioned the glitch in Alexander's 3D modeling. The top of the heads of the three mannequins are sticking through the tinted glass roof, an aspect that bodes really bad for someone who's 6'6". Did Alexander sacrifice practicality a little too much to boost the artistic impression? Probably, but that doesn't make his attempt any less worthy of our attention or BMW's any less questionable.


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