BMW E92 M3 Pickup Shows Up in South Africa

Since we just passed April 1, the jokes and pranks pulled by everyone in the industry are still fresh in our mind. By that we don’t mean just this year’s but also tricks from a while back.
Pickup BMW E92 M3 1 photo
One of them, brilliantly put in opera was BMW’s M3 Pickup model. Back in 2011, the Germans decided to actually build such a car and introduce it as a new model on April 1 and the world was stunned.

Little did we know back then that is was just a prank and, despite the car being very real, we would never actually see it being put in production and actually sold to customers. It was just a fun project for the engineers.

Well.... It seems like some people just won’t let that idea go. We would’ve expected such behavior from Australians that really like their UTEs but not from a South African man that was just spotted driving such a ‘creation’.

The car is obviously based on an E92 model but the cabin has been reduced only to two seats with the rest of it and the boot being fused together to create the bed of the pickup.

With 420 HP coming out of the 4-liter V8 under the bonnet and no weight on the rear axle, you can rest assured that this beast will drift its wheels off if given the chance. Must be quite exciting to drive!

Hat Tip to Zero2Turbo


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