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BMW E92 M3 ESS Versus Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Well, here we have yet another special video from At their latest event they had all sorts of cars to race with and the videos just keep on pouring in.
BMW E92 M3 vs Ferrari F430 Scuderia 1 photo
This one is a beauty. Not just because of the cars involved but also because of how the Bimmer performed: excellent! Going against a Ferrari isn't easy. Even though lately people have started to overlook the Ferrari name, their cars still have that Formula 1 DNA in them.

The BMW was an ESS-VT625 Supercharged E92 M3 with Toyo 888 tires (probably the best racing tires available at the moment) and probably around 500 WHP. The Scuderia F430 came prepared with its 4.3-liter V8 and 510 HP.

The first race was done on Sport mode on the Ferrari and the win went to the BMW, on a clear margin. On the second race, the F430 was run on the Race mode and cheated a bit at the start. However, the BMW was really close to it, and we'd dare to say it would've overtaken it if the race was a bit longer.


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