BMW E85 Z4 Is a Pink Spotted Leopard in China

For the last couple of weeks we've been seeing some normal cars in China and we thought the Chinese BMW owners finally got some sense into their skulls. Unfortunately, we were wrong.
BMW E85 Z4 in Leopard Print 5 photos
BMW E85 Z4 in Leopard PrintBMW E85 Z4 in Leopard PrintBMW E85 Z4 in Leopard PrintBMW E85 Z4 in Leopard Print
Just today we saw one Bimmer that takes the cake when it comes to ugliness: a BMW E85 Z4 in Leopard imprint. It's not just the imprint that disgusts us, but other details too.

Whether we're talking about the pink wheels or the pink kidney grilles one thing is obvious: someone definitely likes that color. Actually, he/she likes it so much that the imprint spots are pink, making the car look like a leopard that's suffering from chickenpox.

Judging by the way it looks, we're surprised this BMW is in China, instead of the Jersey Shore, being driven by Snooki and JWOWW, looking to prance on some innocent bystander.

We just hope we never see something like this again. Otherwise, we'll be forced to call animal control!

Via: Car News China


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