BMW E36 Turned Into Swimming Pool, Driven Around Town

This is something you don't see everyday. Two German residents decided to do something about the heatwave that is currently killing people in Europe and created their own swimming pool.
BMW E36 3 Series Swimming Pool 2 photos
BMW Swimming Pool
Nothing wrong so far, we know a lot of people that have swimming pools at home. However, this one is a bit 'special'. The guys wanted to have the pool with them everywhere they went so they quickly decided to build it inside a BMW.

Yeah! INSIDE a BMW. Said and done (when the weather is too hot, your brain might come up with all sorts of crazy ideas)! They got a BMW E36 and transformed it into a drivable pool. We're not too sure on how exactly they did it but the whole thing looks awesome!

It has wooden boards on the sides so that you can sit on the edge of the pool comfortably (wood heats up a lot harder than metal or tiles), a steering wheel wrapped in some kind of rope (still for better operation temperatures) and a nice plastic seat to make sure the driver is comfortable. The finishing touch is a bamboo-made ladder to get in and out.

Everything looked so good in the end that they even took the car around town for a quick spin (and to boast in front of their friends, probably). However, unluckily for them, a police car spotted them and pulled them over.

That's when panic hit. The occupants (4 of them, including the driver and two guys that were sitting on the trunk), all of them in bathing suits, ran from the police, leaving the car abandoned in a parking lot.

Eventually, the driver came back for his shoes and wallet just to be captured by the law enforcers and taken into custody until they can decide if what they did was actually illegal, as no one knows, at the moment, if it's illegal to drive a swimming pool.

Via: Spiegel
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