BMW E36 M3 Does Bridge to Gantry in 8’03’’99

BMW E36 M3 on the Ring 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
One of the most underrated BMWs of all time is the E36 M3. Following in the footsteps of the majestic E30 M3, this model never really got the recognition it deserved.
That doesn’t change the fact that it was a brilliant, light car that had all the power it needed and put it down to perfection, to allow you to have fun whilst also being safe.

M3 enthusiasts still use the car to this day on various tracks, especially the Nurburgring, in its home country. One such guy just posted a video of himself doing the Bridge to Gantry portion of the Ring in just 8’03’’99, a really good time for a car that’s so old.

Just to get a picture of how fast he was, the fastest car around that portion (excluding the new GT-R Nismo) was the Gardner Douglas T70 that finished it in 7 minutes 27 seconds. Near the 8 minute 4 second mark you’ll spot cars like the Caterham CSR175, Audi TTS and SLS AMG.

However, we don't have the specs of the M3 at the moment so we can't really tell if the SLS had more power or not but either way, it is an impressive display.

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