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BMW E36 3-Series Gets Monster Supercharged V8 Engine Swap for Australian Burnouts

Whether you live in Germany or in an Eastern European country, you’ve certainly seen tons of E36 Bimmers wearing alloy from wheels and steelies at the back to be used as burnout machines.
BMW E36 3-Series Gets Monster Supercharged V8 Engine Swap in Australia 1 photo
Well, the Australian-built E36 we want to show you today has that wheel setup in common with its brothers back home, but the firepower comes from something entirely different.

You know people from Down Under are determined to win the burnout domination war with Americans and therefore their wicked builders never get any rest. In the case of this 3-Series sedan, it all meant dropping its in-line six to make room for a V8 with a supercharger that’s as generously sized as the rear wing of a V8 supercar racer.

That intake seems to be taken straight from the Mad Max vehicle pool and the engine rocks the entire car about as if it were mounted on a motorcycle.

Unfortunately, the owner decided to throw in some chromed bits, such as the massive wheels and the door handles, but their odd shine pales in front of all the muscle. Besides, with the BMW baking donuts like crazy, the smoke and the whine of the blower is all you get to experience in the end.

We’re not sure about the exact nature of the V8 power under that cut-out hood, but rumor has it the motivation comes from an LS1.

Just in case some of you are not fully convinced about Australia’s fetish for melting rubber, we’ll remind you these people hold the world record for a tire-melting riot of this kind. It’s all called Summernats.

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