BMW E34 M5 Drifts Around a Formula Car

BMW E34 M5 Drift 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
Ask any BMW fan around the world why he loves this brand and the most common answer will be: "Because of the way it feels". The way a BMW makes you feel, especially when drifting is truly unique.
You won't find two BMWs that feel the same, even if they were built at the same factory and on the same day, they will feel just different. Take, for example, the three E34 M5s drifting in the video below.

Even though they share the same platform, each of them drifts differently. Looking at this amazing display of virtue, control and power will definitely make you want a BMW and not just any BMW, an M5.

The new F10 M5 might be a bit expensive for anyone to buy, starting at  $90,000 in the US and €103,000 in Europe, but one of these E34s will set you back only around $13,000 (€10.000) which is actually a bargain for a 300+ HP car that holds true to the BMW DNA.

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