BMW E34 5 Series Drifts in a Backyard

What do you need for a good time, if you're a gear head? According to our definition, the minimum requirements are: rear-wheel-drive and a led foot. That's about it and exactly what the guy in the next video used to get his blood flowing.
BMW Drift 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The typical American redneck has cousins all over the world. Fortunately for the BMW community, rednecks are not too much into German cars. It might be because of the... World War II fascist party affiliation but we're not convinced that's it.

Anyway, this BMW aficionado (you can tell he's a big fan of the propeller badged company by the 12 inch letters on his rear windshield) decides to entertain his neighbors by drifting inside one of "them's backyard".

He's not too bad at it either, although you don't have to be Schumacher in order to drift a car like the E34 5 Series. After ripping the man's lawn into pieces, he takes off as if nothing happened.

One thing's for sure: it's easy to have fun when you own an E34 5 Series.

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