BMW E30 Passion Portrayed in a 5 Minute Clip

Surely, we can't be the only ones that love BMW E30s. The E30 community around the world is impressive and we're sure it ads up to a couple million people.
BMW E30 M3 1 photo
Romania is no exception. In the Eastern-European country, the E30 is probably even more loved than in other places of the world. Hear us out! Romania got rid of communism in 1989 and that was the era when owning a BMW showed you had status and power.

Furthermore, the E30 was running the BMW game at that time so everybody wanted one. Because of the communists made the Romanian people buy only the national brand, Dacia, whoever had a BMW was a rebel.

That's why, when the children born around that time grew up, dreamed to have a BMW E30. That's what they got 20 years later and the E30 culture is strong in Romania.

They recently had an E30 meet and someone took their precious time to film the highlights of the event and the end-product is beautiful. Enjoy!


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