BMW E30 3 Series Convertible Goes Down the Rocky Steps

BMW E30 3 Series Convertible Driving down the Rocky Steps 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
The next video became viral this weekend thanks to the stupidity captured on film. It shows a young man, called Emin Faki (age 20) driving (yes, driving) his BMW E30 3 Series Convertible down the famous Rocky Steps, in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
A couple of things should be pointed out here: this should've never happened, some people have no respect for art and we should all relax a bit. Now, according to HughE Dillon, from PhillyChitChat, he spotted the incredibly stupid driver one night, when he was going home.

"I was driving down the BF Parkway home. Since I live across from the steps I know what looks normal there, two headlights didn't fit that bill. I got stuck at traffic light w/cars in front of me, so video starts as he's closer to the bottom," he said.

He was right, something was wrong. Stupid (we can't emphasize that enough) Emin decided it was 'cool' to drive his almost classic car down the steps, in a daring attempt to impress his buddies. Maybe he lost a bet or maybe he was drunk but there's no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Whilst some people might claim that this is all an overreaction, we think differently. What if the car would've rolled over? As you can see, it's tipping quite dangerously a couple of times.

About the relaxing part, we think the Police's estimates of USD8,000 worth of damages done to the steps might be a bit exaggerated but we can't be sure since we're lacking photos taken on the site, to see exactly what was the damage.

As for the aftermath for the young, stupid driver, the DA's office said that a felony charge was already approved for criminal mischief.
The thing is, there's another video floating around the inter webs these days that claims the car rolled down the steps because of a mechanical malfunction and that Emin rushed to it to save the day.

According to this, second allegation, when the driver reached the car, it was already down 2 flights of steps and he had to continue. Allow us to be more than reluctant towards this story.

It seems like, in this ultra-technologised world we live in, everyone has its phone in hand almost every minute of their waking hours and it's hard to believe no one capture the car going down the steps on its own and all videos, conveniently show the BMW after it reached the middle of the stairs.

Furthermore, judging by what the people are saying in the video, this looks more like a 'fun' thing they intentionally did rather than an accident. However, until proven guilty, Emin is innocent.

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