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BMW E30 3 Series Brake Upgrade kit Available from Dinan

The BMW E30 3 Series has been around since 1982, almost 30 years now, and we all still love it like it's day one. However, over the years technology evolved and there's no harm in using it while also keeping a certain legacy alive.
BMW E30 3 Series Brake kit from Dinan 1 photo
Since most E30 3ers are heavily modified and reach power figures of up to even 1000 HP, they are in need of some serious stopping power. If you own one of these, we're sure you experienced some kind of braking issues at some point.

That's why the guys from Dinan worked with the engineers from Brembo to create the ultimate brake kit for the E30 3er. Their version has new, more resistant rotors and high performance calipers to handle the extra work.

The price tag for such a set is around $1,795 (€1,365) and you can get it at any Dinan shop.


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