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BMW Driver Learns the Hard Way That Third Time Isn’t Always a Charm

A lot of people go to the Nürburgring to try and set the fastest possible lap, but others are there just to have fun. And a lot of people think sliding the car around is fun.
BMW E36 drifting on the Ring 1 photo
And it is. Kind of expensive fun when you consider the price for a new set of tires, but if fun were free, we’d all be having a non-stop laugh, and nobody would be working anymore. So among the more serious drivers who stick to the racing line and focus on braking late and accelerating early, there are those types who take it easy, find a benign corner and try to master the art of drifting.

Which isn’t a particularly easy thing to do, even when you drive a rear-wheel-drive BMW E36 with one fuchsia wheel, like the guy in the clip below. He appears to be a novice at this skill as he tentatively makes his way towards the bend and fearfully tries to muscle the steering wheel, but the car refuses to lose grip for the most part.

Never mind, it’s a good thing they’ve made these tracks round, as that means he’ll get another go at it. And so he does, 12.9 miles later (20.8 kilometers), ready to finally hear those tires screech and get the chance to pull the manly maneuver of opposite-lock. Yeah, nothing even remotely close to that happens. It looks as though he’s doing pretty much the exact same thing as the first time, which is probably even more frustrating for him than it is for us. OK, OK, he does drift a little, but put the emphasis on "little."

Judging by what happens on his third pass, it’s safe to say he was pretty frustrated by his previous failed attempts and decided to go all in. Don’t expect much, though, as his all in proves to be quite underwhelming. When you fail to be spectacular while trying to go sideways, you’ll also fail when you crash.


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