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BMW Developing S58 Engine as S55 Successor, Will Debut in 2019 X3 M

BMW did release a next-gen X3 teaser video a couple of weeks ago, but it left the best bits out. We're talking about a brand new engine which will make its debut under the letter M.
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The switch to inline-six engines for the M3 and M4 was a controversial one because the turbochargers made these performance cars less predictable. However, downsizing is still the way to go, and the engineers of the M division are currently working on the successor of the S55 engine.

We've just learned that the new unit is called S58, and as the name suggests, we're dealing with a derivative of the B58 powertrain we find in everything from the M140i hot hatch to the 540i that just came out.

Although new, the engine will only pack 450 to 460 horsepower, about the same as the current M3 with the Competition Pack.

Still, we are euphoric that the the The X5 M finally has a little brother, one that's cheaper and lighter on its feet. The model should come out during the first half of 2019 and wears the internal codename F97. Later on, they'll also give us an F98 X4 M, just like Mercedes-AMG is planning two body styles of the GLC 63.

Both performance SUVs from BMW will have aggressive front end design, flared wheel arches, and a lowered stance. Only time will tell if the soundtrack will be fixed as well.

The S55 that currently powers the M3 is pretty young, having been revealed in 2013. We don't yet know very much about its successor. Is the displacement going to be 2,998cc or 2,979cc, and do you even care?

For the B-series engines, the most significant new development is temperature management by using a water-to-air intercooler integrated into the intake plenum. This results in a more even temperature inside the intake, which can be beneficial to performance as well.

They've also got a temperature encapsulation system which retains heat for up to a day and a half. The upside of that would be looking at your oil temp' gauge and realizing the X3 M is ready to hoon much earlier than expected.


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