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BMW Delivers Last Batch of i3 EVs, Closing a Pioneering Chapter in Electric Mobility

It all started as “Project i,” a billion-euro (about $1.02 B) electromobility project. The goal? A lightweight, environmentally friendly electric vehicle, made for urban driving, unaffected by the extra weight of a heavy battery.
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When it first hit the streets in 2013, the quiet BMW i3 was a breath of fresh air in a world of roaring internal combustion engines. With its spacious interior fitting inside such a small and unique design, rear-hinged rear doors, and revolutionary technology, it made drivers happier and driving more pleasurable.

Even for 2013, the i3 had a rather unimpressive 80-mile (129 km) range. Yet despite that, the world welcomed it with open arms and big smiles. Thankfully, later models fixed that inconvenience.

Produced at their Leipzig plant from 2012 to 2022 and sold in 74 countries, BMWs first-ever fully electric car had brought us eDrive tech (which has now reached its fifth generation), a carbon-fiber body, and a shape that looks as good as when it first came out.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever. It all came full circle on August 2 of this year, when the last 18 units of the BMW i3 – all dressed in a galvanic gold coat of paint – were delivered to CarVia, a Munich-based car rental company.

Initially, BMW planned to keep producing the i3 until 2024, but the carmaker switched plans.

Apparently, sales figures for the electric hatchback have steadily risen over the years, right up to the end of production, according to BMW. So who knows – maybe the i3 will become a modern classic and even go up in price on the used car market. If you can still find batteries for it in the future, that is.

While it’s the end of the line for the i3, every end is a new beginning – this one makes room for BMW’s iX1 SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle, an exclusive term used only for the BMW X models).

You can also opt for the iX and i4 models, but you might want to wait for BMW to fix their issues first.


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