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BMW Cybertruck Is Nightmare Fuel for Replicant Lovers, Xenomorph Fans and Amateur Jedi

The Tesla Cybertruck is a spectacular piece of engineering. It stands as one man’s ambition to create a utility vehicle that looks and behaves as if it belongs in the world of early 80s sci-fi movies. We can just as easily see it roaming the streets of a dystopian Los Angeles (Blade Runner), cruising around on Tatooine or helping Sigourney Weaver hunt down Xenomorphs on a distant alien planet.
Tesla Cybertruck rendered with BMW Concept XM front end 8 photos
Tesla Cybertruck rendered with BMW Concept XM front endTesla Cybertruck ConceptTesla Cybertruck ConceptTesla Cybertruck ConceptTesla Cybertruck ConceptTesla Cybertruck ConceptTesla Cybertruck Concept
What I’m saying is that fans of the genre tend to love it, while automotive purists (people who threw up in their mouths back when they found out Porsche would be making an SUV) don’t seem too keen on making the Cybertruck their truck of choice, at the expense of something like an F-150 or a Silverado. Old habits die hard, you know how it goes.

Speaking of things that need to "die", this rendering by Superrenderscars. It features not one, but two controversial designs – one being the Cybertruck body, the other being the front fascia of the recently-unveiled BMW Concept XM, which somehow manages to look even more quirky than the German carmaker’s next-gen production SUVs with the split headlights.

At least those production-body prototypes feature somewhat of a normal-sized grille (normal for a large SUV), while the grille on the Concept XM looks even bigger than what BMW deemed appropriate for the X7, which borders on ridiculously massive.

One appealing thing about the Cybertruck is that its design has nothing in common with that of any other passenger vehicle or truck currently in production. Scratch that, maybe the Cybertruck and the IONIQ 5 can be buddies, since they both have angular retro-futuristic exteriors. But that’s about it.

On a more serious note, we have already seen a near production-ready Cybertruck a little over a month ago, boasting windshield wipers, new fog lights and side mirrors. It looked more “down to Earth” than the concept unveiled by Elon Musk back in 2019, but obviously not by much. It still looks Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and we can’t wait to see it out on the road.


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