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BMW Couldn’t Care Less About Joining Formula 1, Will Keep Focusing on LMDh

As car enthusiasts, we might find it surprising that BMW has no interest in joining Formula One right now, despite rivals Audi and Porsche having already announced entry come 2026. The former will enter as an engine manufacturer, while the latter, well, we’re not sure as of right now.
BMW Williams F1 Team 8 photos
BMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 TeamBMW Williams F1 Team
There are also rumors of Honda coming back in 2026, after ending its works partnership with Red Bull last year.

So, how come BMW is ok with being the only major German carmaker not involved in F1? Here’s how BMW motorsport boss Andreas Roos sees things:

“I think you also have to be realistic,” said Roos, as quoted by Motorsport. “You have a very high investment in Formula 1, and until that comes back, you have to be very successful for a very long time. So, we’re happy with the big bouquet of projects we currently have in motorsport.”

“We are virtually already fully into electrification and the transformation to electrification. LMDh fits perfectly there – and not just in 2026, when Formula 1 goes in this direction. From that point of view, this is the right time for us to do LMDh now.”

Meanwhile, BMW M Motorsport GmbH CEO, Frank van Meel, added that BMW does not “do motorsport purely for marketing reasons,” which indicates that this is how the Bavarian brand views Formula 1 at the moment – a club that you join only for exposure.

This makes sense to a certain extent, especially since the EV revolution started a few years back. If this was 2012 instead of 2022, with these new engine regulations on their way, we’re pretty sure BMW would have jumped at the chance to return to F1 after withdrawing at the end of 2009.

BMW secured 17 podiums and 308 points in 72 total F1 races, with a sole victory coming in 2008 at the Canadian Grand Prix.


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