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BMW Cautious on U.S. Markets

The BMW Group reportedly takes a cautious approach towards southern Europe auto markets. New BMW models are growing sales in emerging markets to as high as 70%. But things are not looking so great in Greece and southernEurope markets which are slowly going downhill. Economic data suggests a cautious outlook in the U.S. markets. Also worth mentioning is that China, Brazil, South Korea and Turkey are exhibiting sales growth of 60% or more, while Europe is “a tale of north and south” as related by

"While we're enjoying a lot of success with new models and seeing many markets moving very strongly, we also see some potential risk. Certain economies around the world will go into a more difficult situation. There are a number of economic indicators in the U.S. that tell us we should be more cautious. Unemployment is not coming down, and the housing market is not recovering." said Ian Robertson according to the afforementioned.

The company has raised the bar in matter of sales two days ago, saying strong quarter demand will continue in coming months. The German manufacturer anticipates selling 1,6 million vehicles this year. The numbers show that Northern Europe is on a steady course and the U.K. fleet sales are on a constant grow, on the other hand the statistics are not so optimistic when it comes to southern countries.

”Southern countries have been extremely difficult especially the Greek market which has virtually disappeared.”said Ian Robertson.

BMW made plans to replace about 60% of its model range with new products by the end of the next year. The overhauled X3 sport-utility vehicle and a refurbished 6-series convertible already debuted this year.


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