BMW Announces Modest Range of M Performance Parts for 2016 7 Series

The 2016 BMW 7 Series is getting ready to be delivered worldwide to excited customers all over the globe. Starting with October, the new flagship from Munich will begin arriving at people’s doorsteps, and that’s nothing but good news.
2016 BMW 7 Series with M Performance Parts 10 photos
After seeing the car in the metal a while back, we have to admit that it does look a lot better in real life than it does in photos. When you first look at it you might consider it just a mild evolution of the previous model but step inside and you’ll soon understand that it a lot more than that.

In typical BMW style, the engineers worked hard to make the new 7 Series as agile as possible for a car of its size. Sure, nobody will take it to the track but there is a considerable amount of owners out there that actually prefer to drive their own car than being chauffeured around. That is no coincidence.

For them, the M Sport package might be the way to go. It wouldn’t be our personal choice, but we have to admit that it does bring a lot of character to the car, making it even more aggressive. To top everything off, now BMW is also offering some M Performance parts to enhance the limousine.

Unfortunately, the range of add-ons is not as impressive or complex as it is for other models, and we didn’t expect it to be either. You can now get a new rear spoiler in various colors, a new side sill foil that says M Performance, steel pedal covers, new front grille slats in black if chrome isn’t your thing, and carbon door mirror covers.

The best bit are the double-spoke forged wheels 650 M if you ask us, the 21’’ rims being built in a bicolor configuration with the weight factor in mind, being 2 kg (4.4 lbs) lighter than their ‘regular’ alternatives.

Oh, and in case you get cold from the air blowing through your car’s window at high speeds, BMW also offers a travel blanket now, made of high-quality, extra fine merino wool. We’re not sure if it’s part of the M Performance catalogue, though...


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