BMW 8 Series Coupe Rendered Properly, Could Become a Real Car

BMW 8 Series Coupe Rendering 3 photos
Photo: theophilus chin
BMW 8 Series Coupe RenderingBMW 8 Series Coupe Rendering
Everyone’s focused on the new BMW M2 these days, but we’re taking a step back for a moment and looking at the whole picture in Munich, a picture decorated with more models than ever in the history of the Bavarian brand.
It’s no secret (and it’s not claimed to be either) that the Germans are rolling out more and more cars in a daring attempt to cover every possible niche. Heck, recent history showed that they aren’t even afraid of inventing a new niche if they think a new car is needed by some buyers and yet it doesn’t exist right now.

We saw that happen with the 3 Series GT for example or the 5 Series Gran Turismo, to be more precise. In the case of the car rendered here, that wouldn’t be an issue but instead, the Bavarians would play catch up to Mercedes to some extent.

In this ongoing charge to take over all the possible niches, both BMW and the three-pointed star brand are copying each other. The 6 Series Gran Coupe was built in the wake of the success the CLS-Class recorded while the GLE Coupe came out this year to try and steal some of X6’s thunder in a similar approach. The examples can continue with this, a suggested 8 Series Coupe model that would be a perfect challenger for the S-Class Coupe.

Rumors leaked earlier in 2015 claimed that the Germans indeed are looking to build a Coupe version of the 7 Series but that bit of information also said that the 8 Series name won’t be brought back to life. Instead, they went with the 9 Series, which would be a whole new model in the history of the brand.

While that would validate the claim that the full-size Coupe would be an entirely new car in all areas, it wouldn’t make sense given the naming scheme the Munich-based company is seemingly following today.

According to it, all Coupes have even-numbered names while Sedans and Wagons are odds. That’s true with some minor exceptions today.

Either way, the rendering that expert manipulator Theophilus Chin put together here uses cues from the new 7 Series and the Gran Lusso Coupe concept, which was presented more than a year ago. Together they create a car that would give the S-Class Coupe a run for its money in a host of areas, from design to performance.
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