BMW 7 Series Two-Tone Special Edition Couldn't Be More Maybach If It Tried

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BMW 7 Series Two-ToneBMW 7 Series Two-ToneBMW 7 Series Two-ToneBMW 7 Series Two-ToneMercedes-Maybach S580
BMW is introducing a special limited edition 7 Series at this year's Auto Shanghai show, and it's virtually impossible to get over the color scheme chosen by its creators.
The rivalry between the Bavarians and their competition from Stuttgart is pretty fierce in every segment where both manufacturers have at least one representative. However, when it comes to ultimate luxury, the BMW 7 Series has always played second fiddle to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and that's not a dig at the Bimmer as much as praise for the Merc.

For some people, though, not even the S-Class is luxurious enough, which is where Mercedes-Maybach comes into play. Once a separate brand of the Daimler conglomerate, the Maybach name has been fully assimilated and became that part of the Mercedes universe synonymous with ultimate comfort and extravagance. Think of it as an answer to Rolls-Royce, but with less British opulence and more German understatement.

The 7 Series has no business competing against Mercedes-Maybach models since that's the job of another brand under the BMW umbrella—Rolls-Royce. And even if it tried, it would only fail miserably and probably even embarrass itself. Well, with that in mind, you can make what you want out of the 7 Series Two-Tone special-edition model introduced by the company at the Auto Shanghai 2021 motor show that sports the most Maybach-evoking paint scheme we've seen on a non-Maybach model ever.

We can only assume whether the resemblance is intentional or not, yet we doubt it's the kind of thing that could have escaped the dozens of people who must have worked on the project. The two colors used are called Cashmere Silver metallic and Aventurine Red metallic, with the vehicle's shoulder line used as the divider.

The limousine will be restricted to the Chinese market, and only 25 units will be produced, giving it the kind of exclusivity its potential customers are sure to appreciate. Underneath it all is a BMW M760Li xDrive powered by the mighty 6.6-liter turbocharged V12 engine developing 577 hp (585 PS) and 627 lb-ft (850 Nm). Plenty of power, but still short of Mercedes-Maybach S650’s output of 621 hp (630 PS), also obtained from a V12 engine.
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