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BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe HD Wallpapers

The “Gran Coupe” at the end of this 4 Series’ designation brings us what is perhaps the most beautiful BMW in the recent history of the brand. While some may beg to differ, we can all agree that our test car, which came dressed in Sapphire Black, was a stunning presence. Thus, we decided to give it a Black and White treatment and here we are, delivering you the resulting set of wallpapers.
BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe in Black and White 1 photo

Yes, just like on a two-door coupe (do we really need an expression like this?) the roofline of this 4 Series has its highest above the driver and then swoops gently backwards. However, notice that the line doesn’t really start its descent until it passes the C-pillar. The designers turned to this solution in order to make sure the rear headroom isn’t affected.

Inside the city, where bystanders have time to notice the vehicles that have come to form the landscape around them, the 4 Series Gran Coupe acts like an attention magnet. Sure, the novelty of the model does help here, but, at least during our drive, people tended to study the profile for a little longer.

The front fascia is shared with the 4 Series Coupe, including those kidney grille-penetrating headlights. Speaking of related BMW models, we found the Gran Coupe as a good replacement for the 3 Series. The price difference would be the only important argument in favor of the sedan, but when you pay 40 or 50 grand for a car, the USD 5000 or EUR 3,000 premium for the GC doesn’t seem all that important.

The rear gives an impression of a wide car, helping the 4 Series Gran Coupe with the sporty side of its appearance. Alas, the headlights seem a bit too bulgy for the rest of the styling, but we do like the discreet rear shoulders.

Yes, the aforementioned roofline design has really paid out. Two adults of up to 6'2'' (185 cm) can enjoy plenty of space in the rear, while access is decent. As for the rest of the cabin, you can check this out in the Full HD photo gallery of our BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe review.


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